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Pipeline Meeting Trailer (December 2022)

Harris shares an update on what's new for the show. More episodes, higher quality, and video interviews... Coming soon.

Show Description

Where B2B marketers come to talk sales. 15-minute interviews published every Monday and Wednesday morning. For heads of marketing and founders who support a sales team.


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Show Notes

After launching a new short format in August, we're doubling down on it. We'll be releasing episodes every Monday and Wednesday morning. We'll keep interviewing experts and we'll keep the interviews short—15 minutes.

In the new year, we're going to add video interviews and publish them on YouTube.  

Find the Pipeline Meeting podcast at: or by searching "Pipeline Meeting" wherever you get your podcasts.

Find Harris Kenny on LinkedIn by visiting his profile:


[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:00:00] Harris Kenny: I want to share a quick update with you about the pipeline meeting podcast. In case you're wondering. It's where marketers come to talk about sales.

[00:00:08] Harris Kenny: It's hosted by me, Harris Kenny, and each week we have experts come on to talk about a whole range of go-to-market topics.

[00:00:15] Harris Kenny: Interviews are short; they're only 15 minutes. And it'll be anything from demand and lead generation to rev ops and sales- marketing alignment.

[00:00:24] Harris Kenny: Now we launched this format of the show in August and it's been going really well. In fact so well that we want to double down on it. So we're going to be changing it up.

[00:00:37] New show format

[00:00:37] Harris Kenny: We're moving to two episodes a week. I'm going to be publishing on Mondays and Wednesdays. We're going to keep the short interviews and we're going to continue to bring experts on.

[00:00:46] Harris Kenny: We've already heard from folks at companies like HubSpot, Refine Labs, Powered by Search, and many other great companies. I highly recommend you check out our previous interviews.

[00:00:56] Harris Kenny: I've also invested more in our production and we're going to be improving the audio quality on the show.

[00:01:02] Harris Kenny: And there's something new coming in the new year, which is that we're going to start publishing video interviews on YouTube.

[00:01:08] Harris Kenny: So if you have not heard of the show before, but you're curious now it'd be a great time to start tuning in.

[00:01:13] Harris Kenny: We're going to have a lot of interviews coming up over the next. Month or two before we switch to video interviews.

[00:01:19] Feedback welcome

[00:01:19] Harris Kenny: And if you have any questions, feedback, suggestions for guests, I would love to hear them. So please reach out. You can email

[00:01:27] Harris Kenny: And if you want to find the show itself, you can go to intro Or you can search "Pipeline Meeting" wherever you listen to your podcasts.