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Pipeline Meeting Trailer (August 2020) (Episode 1)

Pipeline Meeting is a space for people who don’t have anyone else to talk about their sales pipeline with. Here’s what you can expect to hear.

⚠️ Please note: This is an old episode of the Pipeline Meeting podcast. In August 2022, the show relaunched in a new format. For the most recent episodes, please visit the podcast page

Show Notes

Pipeline Meeting is a space for people who don’t have anyone else to talk about their sales pipeline

with. Whether you are a founder or the person responsible for sales… Welcome.

Keep an eye on your podcast feed for future episodes, coming soon. 

Show Description

Pipeline Meeting is a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. If you are looking for actionable steps to close high ticket deals, you’re in the right place. Tune in for help with things like cold outreach and qualifying inbound leads. We regularly feature guests and experts to take our business to the next level. Pipeline Meeting is hosted by Harris Kenny, the founder of Intro, a company that provides sales as a service.

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Harris Kenny:
If you feel alone managing your business’ sales pipeline. Welcome. Consider this your invitation to join me, Harris Kenny, for a regular sales pipeline meeting, we’ll discuss finding new business and pricing, cashflow, things like getting ghosted, winning proposals, new technology, and a lot more brought to you by intro CRM.

What You Can Expect

Harris Kenny (00:40)
Thanks for listening to the trailer for my podcast: Pipeline Meeting. I’m hoping to solve one problem here. I want to create a space for people who don’t have anyone else to talk about their sales pipeline with. I mean, someone besides your significant other pet or houseplant. Think of this as our pipeline meeting. Me and you. Talking about what’s next. This is dedicated to the art and science of managing deal flow, finding new business and the tools that you use to make it happen. Here are a few potential topics—or ways of addressing this—that I have in mind.

Harris Kenny (01:20)
I could talk about my own business’ pipeline, what I’m working on, and how I think about it. Sharing past stories of deals and how they closed, or how they didn’t. Hearing listener stories about challenges with their pipeline and deals that they’re trying to close right now and exploring the technology that makes this work easier. Speaking of, I’m going to use this space to talk about a tool that I’m building called Intro CRM. It’s a CRM for entrepreneurs and freelancers that’s simple and privacy focused. It’s the tool that I wish that I’d had for over a decade doing work like this. So if you have any specific ideas or topics that you’d like me to discuss, let me know by tagging @IntroCRM on Twitter.


Harris Kenny:
Thanks for listening to Pipeline Meeting. The theme music is by Neighborhood Vandal and is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution—or CC BY—license. To learn more, read the show notes, and continue the conversation, visit