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Hi, my name is Harris Kenny. And after over a decade helping founders scale their businesses... I've seen too many that hired (then fired) salespeople, marketing agencies, and software products.

Sales and marketing teams talk past each other and miss their revenue goals. There has to be a better way. That's why we're building a fractional sales agency.

At Intro, our team sits in between sales and marketing, taking a little bit off each of their plates. We help run campaigns, qualify leads, and set appointments. We bring the people, process, and technology expertise to win more deals.


Putting People First

We automate busywork. We have lives outside of work. And we don’t tolerate jerks—yep, that’s in our contract.

This means you have a happy and healthy team at the ready, doing everything we can to help grow your business.

If you're interested in learning more, Harris was invited to The Remote Show podcast to talk about our company and work culture.

"Software companies that claim to put people first are a dime a dozen.

Ones that actually do so – that’s much less common.

But for Intro founder Harris Kenny, it’s the backbone of his business model." - SaaS Mag 


Working Alongside Your Team

We work in your CRM so you have visibility into our work. Like an SDR or BDR, who comes with a tech savvy manager.

We implement and integrate the people, processes, and technologies that need to work together.