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Introducing… Intro (Episode 16)

Harris shares two big updates: We’ve changed our name to reflect our new focus. Intro CRM is now simply Intro. And we are expanding the format of this show to include more guests.

⚠️ Please note: This is an old episode of the Pipeline Meeting podcast. In August 2022, the show relaunched in a new format. For the most recent episodes, please visit the podcast page

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Harris shares two big updates. The first update is both major and minor: We’re changing our name. And we’re expanding the format of this show to include more team interviews, guests, and additional voices.

With the name change, Intro CRM is now simply Intro. It’s been 10 months since we stopped developing our CRM. The pivot to tech-enabled services has gone well and we are fully embracing this new model for our business. Note that our domain and social media handles will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

Harris shared more background in a thread on Twitter.

With the show, we’re bringing more voices into the conversation. Things have come up in our work with customers that we want to share, customers have questions we don’t have great answers for, and there are new things we’re learning every day.

Stay tuned because we have exciting conversations in store, like with Justin Jackson (Co-Founder of Transistor) and James Urie (Head of Partnerships at Close). Note that we will be keeping the podcast short format and audio-only for now.

Show Description

Pipeline Meeting is a sales podcast for founders and sales leaders. If you are looking for actionable steps to close high ticket deals, you’re in the right place. Tune in for help with things like cold outreach and qualifying inbound leads. We regularly feature guests and experts to take our business to the next level. Pipeline Meeting is hosted by Harris Kenny, the founder of Intro, a company that provides sales as a service.

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[00:00:20] Harris Kenny: Hi there. We’ve got two big updates and this is going to be an unusually short episode. The first is that Intro CRM is now officially intro. We are dropping the CRM from our name.

Intro CRM is now Intro

[00:00:35] And a quick recap, if you’re new to the podcast or you recently learned about our company. When I started this business, initially, it was a solo consulting firm. I was doing fractional sales, executive work, and it was in spring 2019. And I realized that when I was working with founders, that a lot of times they were just not keeping up with their sales tools. You know, their CRMs had lots of inactive deals and sort of mountains of tasks that were overdue.

[00:01:05] In June of 2020, I decided I wanted to try to build a tool to help fix that. And the long story short is that I spent about six months working on trying to solve that problem. And people did not use our CRM either. You know, the biggest challenge was the tool was not the problem, I don’t think for the customers that I was working with. It was just that there was not enough time in the day and there were tasks that just needed to be done.

[00:01:32] We would spend time talking about deals and talking about strategy. And nothing would happen. And the reason nothing would happen is because they wouldn’t have time to do those things, to execute on those things.

[00:01:43] In the beginning of this year, we pivoted. We pivoted to offering these services, these assistant services, essentially for sales. It’s been going really well since then.

[00:01:55] We’ve been slowly growing and learning and dialing in our offering and building software to support that. It’s been 10 months since we’ve been working on the CRM itself, and I’ve decided that we’re just going to drop that out of the name. Now we’re going to keep our website and our social media handles and things like that for now.

[00:02:13] This is really just sort of how we talk about ourselves. And from now on Intro CRM is Intro.

Expanding the Show Format

[00:02:22] The other big update is that we’re going to be evolving the format of the show here. We brought back episodes in September and it’s been going really well. Downloads are up and interest is up. We’ve been getting really interesting questions from people.

[00:02:33] What I’d like to do is I’d like to start bringing in some more voices.

[00:02:37] First. I just want to preview the types of folks I’m going to be having on. Of course, we’ve got some customers who I’d like to bring on the show and tell you what we’re doing in our work together to help grow their businesses but that’s not all.

[00:02:47] We’ve had some very exciting conversations with Justin Jackson from Transistor. Have a conversation lined up with James Urie. Who’s the head of partnerships at Close, which is the CRM that we support. And if you haven’t used it, it’s just an awesome tool for salespeople and for founders who are leading sales for their companies.

[00:03:06] And of course, more team interviews. I’ve got a conversation with Elisa lined up that we’re going to be releasing shortly here. We did that conversation with Sailja and it went really well. We tried it asynchronously as an interview, which was fun, and we’re going to be doing real-time interviews and asynchronous interviews and I think that there’s some outside voices that can bring a lot to the conversation here.

[00:03:26] The goal will be to address some of the questions that come up as we’re helping our customers with their own work. Because questions come up. And frankly, I obviously don’t know the answers to all of them. And I would rather be able to explore those topics by bringing in someone who does know the answer than glossing over it, or just sort of making a passing reference to how this type of thing can be hard.

[00:03:50] I would rather bring in an expert who’s been there. Who’s done that and have them speak to it.

Closing Remarks

[00:03:57] We’re just trying to share insight in the areas that we don’t know, in the areas where we don’t have expertise. Appreciate your interest. Appreciate your updates. If there’s any particular guests that you want to see on the show, let me know.

[00:04:10] Otherwise, just keep giving updates about what’s going on with your business, prospecting that you’re doing, the types of leads that you’re generating and how to keep those leads moving through the pipeline. I’d love to know if there’s anybody in particular who can answer specific questions, or if you just have a question that you’d like us to answer, I can go out and I can find someone to help with that.


That’s all for now. You can find show notes at The theme music for Pipeline Meeting is by Neighbourhood Vandal and it’s shared under a Creative Commons-Attribution, or CC-BY, license. If you learned something, consider sharing this show with a friend. Thanks.