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Sales that Scales

Marketers want the best leads for their sales teams. Our fractional BDR, SDR, and RevOps services can help. Give sales an unfair advantage to crush their quota.

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"I've said to Intro, thanks for making me look so good. And I mean it. My company has worked with BDRs before, but they've never had anywhere close to the level of success that Intro has brought."
Bree Neely
VP of Marketing

Sales is exponentially more technical

We believe that sales is getting exponentially more technical. What does this mean? It means that every day, new tools, data sources, and AI/ML are changing how we sell.

Busy salespeople don't have time to keep up with this volatile environment. Their skills risk becoming outdated. And there's a lag before companies even realize there's a problem. 

We constantly evaluate new software and data tools with one goal: Giving your sales team an edge to beat the competition. Sign up for a demo to see how we work ➔

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Fractional Sales Services

3D render of a person with light complexion skin, wearing a shirt, tie and pants, with a laptop, to visualize Intro CRM's fractional BDR service


We run cold outreach as a fractional BDR (business development rep). Find new leads, contact them, and set meetings for your sales team.

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We handle inbound and existing leads as a fractional SDR (sales development rep). Identify leads, qualify them, and set meetings for your sales team.

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We set up CRM (customer relationship management) software. We give your sellers an edge with sales tools like HubSpot, Close, and more. 

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HubSpot seamlessly connect your data, teams, and customers on one CRM platform that grows with your business. HubSpot spans marketing, sales, and service for a single solution to handle your entire customer journey.



Close is a fast and powerful CRM for sales teams with features for calling, texting, and emailing. Close has native integrations with other tools your sales team needs like meeting scheduling, document signature, lead forms, and more.

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Get better leads today

Are you struggling to get ROI on your campaigns because of sales-marketing alignment issues?

Let us help you engage your prospects better—before your competitors do. 

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