Simple, privacy-focused CRM.

For people with no boss.

Something better than spreadsheets and lighter than team tools. A CRM you might actually use.

Get sales tips and product updates.

CRM software is not made for you.

Most CRMs are made for sales reps. The ones always checking in, following up, and touching base with you. The ones with managers, teammates, and entire days to spend using a CRM.

It’s why those tools make you feel guilty if you don’t update them. Or why you keep trying new ones but they never stick. Maybe it’s why you’re tired of the noisy, over-engineered interfaces and constant up-selling.

It’s not you, it’s them.

We’re different.

Think of Intro CRM as a companion app. For entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone doing their own thing. And it’s so simple, it fits alongside however you manage contacts, tasks, scheduling, billing… everything.

Light Deal Tracking

Minimal data entry to focus on what matters: paying the bills.

Customer Development

Log who are your customers? What are they buying? Why?

Purpose Built

If you outgrow Intro CRM, we help you find the next thing.

The Business Model

Make a product and charge a fair price. That’s it.

Intro CRM is an independent and bootstrapped company. Inspired by the likes of Basecamp, Transistor, MeetEdgar, Docsketch, EmailOctopus, and Fathom Analytics. In fact, we rely on these tools every day.

We believe the world needs more companies, not fewer. More choice and competition, not less.

Join the Pipeline Meeting

If you don’t have anyone else to discuss your sales pipeline with, welcome. This podcast is for small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs.

What’s a pipeline meeting, you ask? It’s a regular (often weekly) conversation about sales, market dynamics, and blockers that may be preventing deals from closing.

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Pick a simple tool that helps you close deals. Made by an independent company focused on the same things as you. Choose Intro CRM.