The fast way to close deals and scale your Small (For Now) Business.

Stop punting tasks. Drop brainstorming how you might sell to customers. Say goodbye to the guilt of not updating your sales pipeline. Instead, turn big ideas into paying customers. Discover Intro CRM.

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Sales Software Stinks


Between arbitrary fields, nagging tasks, and useless reports, these platforms are built for sales representatives who have managers (and whose managers have managers). You’re your own boss.


Enterprise platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce are built for big companies. For business owners, those interfaces are bloated, over-engineered, and built to up-sell and lock you in.


When you pick a tool, you are limited by what it can do and can’t do. Quit having product managers set a ceiling on your business based on their company’s internal politics.

Better Built Businesses.


Iteratively define who your customers are, what they’re buying, and what you’re selling them. Test different sales approaches like outbound, inbound, and referrals.


See what’s next based on how you sell. Whether you’re focused on cash flow, inventory, or staffing, light-weight deal tracking helps you focus on what matters. Less is more.


Ready for an enterprise solution? We pave the way, with easy data exports and guidance on what to consider for your next CRM. We’ll be proud to see you go, but do keep in touch!

Early Interest in Intro CRM

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For over a decade, Intro CRM Founder Harris Kenny spent most of his workday in CRM software⁠—from airplane napkins to full-featured platforms. The shortcomings of these solutions became increasingly clear when working alongside business owners growing their businesses.

Intro CRM is an independent, bootstrapped product inspired by companies like Basecamp, Gumroad, Fathom, Userbase, Gravity Payments, Bitwarden, and Sphaera. We won’t rely on creepy tracking or surveillance marketing. Our customers (and their customers) are not for sale.

The roadmap simple: Develop progressively better software, charging users a fair price, scaling as we help more people grow their own businesses. Join us.

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Intro CRM is an independent software project that helps business owners find and serve their customers.

Intro CRM is part of Kenny Consulting Group, LLC.



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