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No more whining from sales.

We help marketers keep sales so busy that they can't complain about their pipeline. We build systems, qualify leads, and book meetings—for you.


Meetings We Booked

Who We Serve


You're a head of marketing, or a founder supporting a sales team.

High Ticket

Your company sells a product worth over $2,500 ACV/LTV.

B2B Product

You sell a product, or productized service, to other businesses.

Growth Stage

You're generating inbound leads and may want to add outbound.

How We Work

  • Performance-Based

    Your billing will ebb and flow with the results we get for you. We grow when you do.

  • Bias Towards Action

    No more untouched leads and idle deals. The cost of inaction is unacceptable. 

  • Sales-Marketing Alignment

    Get your marketing and sales team working towards one goal: revenue growth.


Marketers Love Our Help

Here's what one VP of Marketing literally texted us:



"We just made our first sale from an Intro lead, paying for 3 months of their services. And it's probably the best example of a potential customer for us."
Headshot of Joe Selvik

Joe Selvik
Co-Founder of FixturFab

"Intro's team ensures that I don’t get distracted—or too in the weeds—with busywork for salespeople."
Headshot of Louisa Bisio
Louisa Bisio
Fractional VP of Marketing

What We Do


HubSpot Implementation

To grow, you want everything in one place. As a HubSpot partner, we'll help you get it right and make the most of this industry-leading CRM.


Lead Management

You're generating inbound leads, but then what? We bring the process and the people to reply, qualify, and get buyers on your calendar.


Cold Outreach

Take your inbound success, and run outbound campaigns that drive new business. This includes deliverability, lists, copy, and sending.

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