Meet your new virtual sales assistant.

What if a sales tool took work off your plate, instead of giving you more to do?

We help founders of B2B companies build outbound lead lists, qualify inbound leads, and manage sales pipelines. You know sales is important, and you’re busy. We can help.

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Have sales tasks literally done for you. What could be easier?


Connect software you use: Slack, Close, Hubspot, and more.

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Get new leads and help with messaging. Give feedback using our Lead Rater app.

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Enjoy rapid response lead qualification and meeting scheduling.

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Stay current with deal monitoring, win/loss analysis, and task management.

For B2B Founders

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“I am just getting started with establishing my own business. Intro CRM has been pivotal in moving my business in the right direction, helping me secure partnerships with big brands.”

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“I’m constantly working to develop business for me and the folks on my team while also juggling actual client work. IntroCRM introduces a lightweight process that’s easy-to-use.”

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“Harris and Claire at Intro CRM sanity checked my plans for an online course and spotted some important areas for improvement.

After our discussion, I found a way to increase sales by introducing a new ticket tier (getting a 10x return on our work).

Highly recommended!”

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“Intro CRM ensures that I don’t get distracted (or too in the weeds). I’ve already recommended it to a few people who are starting their own businesses and looking for a simple solution.”

In the Media

“Software companies that claim to put people first are a dime a dozen. Ones that actually do so – that’s much less common. But for Intro CRM founder Harris Kenny, it’s the backbone of his business model.”

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Save Time, Make Money

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