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Pipeline Meeting show update for 2023

Harris records a quick solo episode to share what's new for the show in 2023. 

Show Description

A sales-oriented marketing podcast for B2B marketers. Learn from short interviews published every week. Hit play and subscribe today if you want to follow the latest trends in revops, demand gen, lead gen, and sales enablement.


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Show Notes

First, thanks so much for your support. We've seen a lot of success since switching to this new short format, interview-style show in August. Thank you helping spread the word.

Second, we're going to be adding video in February. We are going to finish a queue of audio-only episodes over the next few weeks. And then in February we will start publishing video interviews on YouTube.

As part of this transition, we will be going back to one episode per week and supplementing with more tutorial and walkthrough content that will also be published on YouTube.

If you have any feedback, please email or find Harris Kenny on LinkedIn: 


[00:00:00] Pipeline Meeting Intro

[00:00:00] Harris Kenny: Welcome to Pipeline Meeting where marketers come to talk about sales. I'm your host Harris, Kenny, and I'll be joined by guest every Monday and Wednesday for brief 15 minute interviews where we'll share tips that you can apply to support your sales team and help them close more deals.

[00:00:15] Harris Kenny: You don't have time to listen to this whole episode, you can skip ahead in the show notes in your podcast player, or find the transcript at All the episodes are published there.

[00:00:28] Show update

[00:00:28] Harris Kenny: Hey there, it's just me today and I've got a few quick updates I wanna share about the show.

[00:00:33] Harris Kenny: First, I want to sincerely thank you.

[00:00:36] Harris Kenny: I relaunched the show in August and this new format has been going really well. Specifically, we switched over to this short format interview style, and downloads have been up every single month since then...

[00:00:48] Harris Kenny: we've already broken December numbers in January, and our most recent episode had the most week one downloads of any episode we've released.

[00:00:57] Harris Kenny: The show is really resonating with people, and I appreciate your support, sharing the word, posting about it on social media, and I just really can't thank you enough for that.

[00:01:06] Harris Kenny: Second, where are we going?

[00:01:07] Harris Kenny: Historically the show has only been audio, and I'm gonna be changing that. In February we're gonna be adding video.

[00:01:14] Harris Kenny: Now I've got a few episodes left that I'm gonna be releasing over the next few weeks that are audio only will be editing them and releasing them as we have been.

[00:01:23] Harris Kenny: But as we get into February, we're gonna be adding video and publishing on YouTube. So we'll have the video interview and then we'll continue to have the audio version of that interview available in your podcast player as well.

[00:01:33] Harris Kenny: The reason for this is that I want to grow the show.

[00:01:35] Harris Kenny: I've heard from a lot of people that they like the format and they like the guests we're having on, and I think that getting it in front of more people is a good thing.

[00:01:42] Harris Kenny: By adding it to YouTube, I think that we're gonna have more discoverability and hopefully the interview's a little more interesting too, if you want to see the guests and see them make their points.

[00:01:51] Harris Kenny: As part of this transition, we're also gonna be going back from two episodes a week down to one episode a week, and instead I'm gonna be supplementing that content with more tutorial and walkthrough type things, showing how to do list building and scraping, and some of these other techniques that we've been doing in our campaign work, and that'll be published on YouTube as well.

[00:02:08] Harris Kenny: My hope is that between these two types of videos, and obviously the podcast will continue to be audio, we're gonna be able to help people and build better teams and run better campaigns and set their teams up with better leads.

[00:02:19] Harris Kenny: If you have any feedback on any of this, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

[00:02:23] Harris Kenny: My email is, or you can find me on LinkedIn, my name is Harris Kenny, feel free to connect with me, send me a message.

[00:02:31] Harris Kenny: Any, any feedback at all that you can share would be very much appreciated.

[00:02:35] Harris Kenny: The analytics that I have in terms of seeing what's working and what's resonating are pretty limited, so any message really goes a long way.

[00:02:43] Harris Kenny: I'm so excited about what's next for the show as we head into 2023, and I just wanna thank you again for being along for the ride with me.

[00:02:49] Pipeline Meeting Outro

[00:02:49] Harris Kenny: That's all for now. You can find show notes at intro The theme music for Pipeline Meeting is by Neighbourhood Vandal. If you learned something, consider sharing this show with a friend. Thanks for listening.