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Indie stack with Close CRM

I'm thrilled to announce a groundbreaking project we've been working on with our partner, Close.

From the start, Intro CRM has always been about helping sales teams scale. From data and processes to software, our goal is to help our customers grow.

But we've taken it one step further with the Indie Stack - a partnership with Close and several SaaS companies designed to supercharge your sales workflow.

Hear me talk through it below.


[00:00:00] I am so excited to share a new project that has been in the works for a long time. And it is a collaboration with Close.

[00:00:07] Intro CRM, my company, is a partner with Close CRM. Uh, we help folks get up and running with Close. Setting up the custom fields that they need. Creating email sequences, cleaning up data. Basically just getting the most of the CRM, getting, especially startups up and running with a really high performing sales software tool.

[00:00:28] But it does a lot more than that through something called the indie stack. So any stack is a partnership between close and several other software companies. I'm going to show you how it works really briefly in this video. And the reason why I'm excited about this is because it shows a uh, best of approach to handling some really key workflows for salespeople.

[00:00:49] And I'm going to just give you a little preview of the different companies that are involved in this. So I'm just scrolling through an article on closes website. We've got a first close of course at the heart of it as the CRM.

[00:00:59] SavvyCal, which is the tool that's used for meeting, booking and scheduling. And that's, you know, if you were setting up a demo or something like that.

[00:01:07] SignWell for documents, signature.

[00:01:09] Fathom for recording video and sales calls to coach and get better, you know, as salespeople.

[00:01:16] And Reform, which is used for lead intake and passing sales to the sales team, qualifying them and handing them off between sales and marketing.

[00:01:24] And so each of these is an independent purpose-built software product that has a deep native integration with Close that allows you to do all these things that you need to do when your business has getting set up off the ground. And especially companies that have a sales forward motion, it's called indie stack and that's really shorthand for this whole set of integrations.

[00:01:43] If you go to the close website, And you go over to the integrations tab. You can see there's a little bit of a preview of all the different things that they have on there. But the indie stack is actually featured at the top of the page. And then you can see other integrations that they have to.

[00:01:56] The last thing I'll just mention briefly is that I actually have a sandbox account set up with integrations with all these different tools and I'm going to be creating more content showing you how it works. I've got the API is all connected. And I've got, um, Really just some workflows I want to show you, what's possible using Close.

[00:02:12] And let me know what you'd like to see if you're a Close user or if you're interested in it.

[00:02:16] We've also been working on integrating really deeply outbound with clothes as well. And I'll be showing you how that works and really excited about the progress we're making. Combining um all sorts of different outreach using what's in Close and then adding some extra functionality on top of that.

[00:02:32] Anyway, the idea is, you know, you have to have good tools to sell more, and I'm really excited about how close is combining different platforms to make the most of what's possible.

[00:02:41] I'm looking forward to sharing more about this. So let me know what you think. Let me know what questions do you have. It's called indie stack, check out all those companies that are involved and stay tuned for more information on how it all works. Thanks.