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New features for sales prospecting in HubSpot

Good news, salespeople! Selling in HubSpot is getting significantly easier in 2023. Their product team has been busy rolling out new features for the platform that will make it easier than ever to generate leads for your B2B go to market efforts. These include prospecting, threading, and meetings in HubSpot. 

[00:00:00] I'm sorry, what. I cannot believe the three things that are in beta right now for HubSpot. They are going to really transform the sales person's job. If you can give me three minutes, I'm going to tell you these three features. And then I want to explain to you. How we are building to support this. And I'm just so excited about the word where the roadmap is going for HubSpot.

[00:00:20] Uh, first the thing you see on my screen right now is prospecting. So now for sales hub, pro and enterprise. In beta, there is a prospecting screen and I'm just going to move myself out of the way here. You have a few different things. You've got your tasks due overdue tasks, your schedules, sequences that are running.

[00:00:39] Tons of different things that are available within this. And, you know, I'll just say like, these are things that were already in HubSpot, but they were in different places. Right? So now they are unified. Now for a sales person, they will have the single dashboards control. Starting their own net new business. Historically, HubSpot's been known for marketing and inbound, but they've had obviously sales people using it. And now the sales person's job is about to get a lot easier.

[00:01:03] The two other new features are related less exciting, honestly, but. It's still important. One is selective email threading. So you can change the subject line within an email sequence and basically still have that sinking and threading, which is helpful for seeing how your prospecting is going. And then the other is being able to book a meeting on behalf of someone else, which hello. That is like the SDR job, right.

[00:01:25] And so being able to book for other people, just great productivity improvement for people using HubSpot meetings. Uh, so that's an overview of the new features. I just want to talk about what is. Sort of not HubSpot's job. Right. But what is your responsibility as a sales leader? And that's what we've been building to support sales teams in email deliverability.

[00:01:44] Um, so a lot of people that do cold outreach, they'll do it from really isolated. But the problem is that the best organizations that have the most traction, they do have a CRM. They do have leads and they need to unify both their cold outreach and what they're doing with inbound leads. And, you know, account-based outreach led by a sales person that works for the company. Full-time.

[00:02:08] Underneath HubSpot, you're going to have your connected domains and emails, and we've been building that infrastructure for customers. And we've been running, uh, almost like sidecar campaigns. Through a dedicated sending tool that when we get a reply, we're pushing those replies back into HubSpot. And why I'm so excited about this prospecting feature is that when you get that reply, we're pushing into HubSpot, we're running enrichment to get phone numbers, LinkedIn, all that sort of information that you would want from someone who says they're interested.

[00:02:36] You know, replying to a cold email. Um, and we're not just relying on email as a channel and we're not replying from some other tool, but then the sales person can take these. Sifted through quality replies and manage them alongside the campaigns that they're running on their own to grow their own pipeline. So this is for sales hub pro and enterprise. If you're interested in, do you want to see a demo or talk about it? Let me know. But the future for salespeople in HubSpot is bright and I'm very excited about it.