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Implementing the SPICED Framework in HubSpot with Supered

You may be familiar with sales methodologies. In this video, I discuss how we switched from MEDDPICC to SPICED.

The reasons why are pretty simple, I think MEDDPICC was the wrong framework for us and we didn't have a way to enforce the process. We switched to SPICED and added a new tool in our tech stack called Supered to drive process adoption.

I'm confident we're selling better than ever, closing more deals, at a higher rate, faster, and for more money—ultimately driving more impact for clients because we understand them better.

With a repeatable sales process, I can get help in the sales process and eventually allow others to own deals in our pipeline.



[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:00:00] All right. I got to level with you. I made a mistake. About a year ago and it has taken me about just as much time to figure that out and fix it. And there's a couple of reasons what I messed up on or why it went wrong.

[00:00:13] And I wanted to talk about that. Cause I think it might be relevant, especially for folks that have sales teams that are trying to implement more process in terms of how they're qualifying deals and bringing them in.

[00:00:22] Potentially, you know, increase your deal size or increase your win rate, or even just increase your sales velocity and get deals out.

[00:00:29] Failed MEDDPICC implementation

[00:00:29] About a year ago, I tried to implement MEDDPICC, which is like a sales framework for my company for Intro CRM. And it did not work at all.

[00:00:38] I think basically there's two main reasons. One, it was the wrong framework for what we're doing. And, uh, two, I didn't have any enforcement, accountability, any process accountability.

[00:00:49] I think I've solved both of those. I want to talk about how, and I want to talk about how we're doing it in HubSpot.

[00:00:54] Introducing Supered

[00:00:54] And let me just say that the way that we're solving this is I think the most significant tool investment that we've made since we switched over to Clay. Uh, which was over six months ago and has totally changed how we build lead lists, do our prospecting and this new tool is called Supered.

[00:01:15] It's built by a great team, really, really knowledge about the HubSpot ecosystem and the way Supered works is I think it helps solve the second problem that I had, which is that I didn't have any process.

[00:01:25] Switching from MEDDPICC to SPICED

[00:01:25] The first problem is I was just using the wrong framework.

[00:01:27] I think that the SPICED framework by Winning by Design, it's going to be a much better fit. I've been using it on some calls over the last couple of weeks and it's been going really well.

[00:01:34] Let me show you how that works in Supered in particular, I'm going to show the process rules feature.

[00:01:41] And I'm also going to show you what I've been calling contextual documentation, where you can basically remind your team how something works once you've got it set up.

[00:01:49] Let me just move myself out of the way here. And I'm going to put myself up in this corner.

[00:01:58] Actually, no I'm going to be over here. You'll see in a second, why.

[00:02:01] We've got a deal here in HubSpot, uh, using the, um, it's just a test. And what I've got over here is the SPICED framework.

[00:02:08] Implementing SPICED in HubSpot

[00:02:08] I've got a group of properties that are custom properties for deals, and that are each of the steps in the SPICED framework. Situation pain, impact critical event and decision.

[00:02:17] As you're going through this process of qualifying and understanding where customers are at and whether or not you can help. You can fill out each of these points in the framework and they've got prompt questions and ways of thinking about it.

[00:02:29] Let's say that I'm onboarding a new sales person, or let's say like you yourself may be watching this video. Haven't heard of SPICED before.

[00:02:35] Sales process documentation in HubSpot

[00:02:35] With Supered, I have this little contextual documentation. I can click this pink info box and then it loads right here.

[00:02:41] It's a sales framework we use to understand our customers and help them unlock growth. It's an acronym that stands for. Dah, dah, dah. And then I've got a link to the whole white paper by Winning by Design. Hosted on Supered as well. If that link ever changes, I've still got access to it here.

[00:02:55] And I can also load it in the sidebar. If I want a little more reading room, um, breathing room. Excuse me. I guess reading room works too.

[00:03:01] This is searchable too. So anytime that the phrase SPICED framework is showing up in HubSpot for us, this is going to show up.

[00:03:07] And if someone's at another page in HubSpot, but they look it up, they can find it by searching through the Supered base.

[00:03:15] Deal alerts in HubSpot

[00:03:15] Keen observers. There's one thing that you might also notice, which is that there is a little error box up here and it explains what SPICED is and it shows that the SPICED properties are empty.

[00:03:27] And this is not a standard for HubSpot. This is something that Supered is bringing in.

[00:03:32] And so let's go through here and, uh, Fill something out. It's me. Hi. I'm the problem. It's me. Because I was the problem. I'm the reason why we didn't adopt process, uh, for a good framework. We left money on the table. We didn't close some deals as well as we could. You know, sales process matters. You can build all the lists you want, but if you're not closing the deals well, you know, it doesn't really matter.

[00:04:02] Let's hit save here and see what happens. It says changes saved. And give this a second. And what I might do too, just for the sake of, I don't know how quickly this loads and reloads, I'm going to give this just a quick refresh and make sure everything's saved the right way.

[00:04:19] Okay. You can see that it's now complete and the way I can talk more about process rules, if you're interested, let me know.

[00:04:24] I set up, uh, a warning when they're incomplete and then a positive, uh, green sort of celebration, yay, uh, when it's complete.

[00:04:32] So now for me, when I'm going through working on deals, looking at deals, maybe updating HubSpot team cause I do a lot of shared selling and co-selling with HubSpot.

[00:04:40] I can flag and see what's going on with the deal. So really, really fired up about this. I've also just been getting really good results with SPICED. I've been doing a lot better discovery.

[00:04:48] Another feature I'll just say that I've been using within HubSpot is snippets. Within HubSpot and you can also, um, You know, use basically snippets of texts and I've allowed that to be my discovery agenda.

[00:05:00] So I'll pull up a deal. I'll open up a note. I'll use a snippet and HubSpot, and I've got all my discovery questions right there. I worked down the list.

[00:05:07] As I get that clarity, I'll pop them over into the SPICED, um, deal properties. And then once they're complete, I get the green box at the top.

[00:05:13] Conclusion

[00:05:13] I'm really excited about this. I think it's really important. I'm really curious if folks are doing anything similar. If they've tried out Supered before.

[00:05:19] I think it's going to be a huge, huge value add, uh, and this is something we're rolling out, not only for ourselves, but also for our customers.

[00:05:26] And let me know what you think. Appreciate you watching and have a good day.