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Introducing OutboundSync by Intro CRM

OutboundSync is a HubSpot app (invite-only right now) that pushes replies from your Smartlead cold email campaigns into HubSpot.

OutboundSync automatically creates (or updates) the owners, associations, companies, tasks, and logs it all in your timeline.

Best of all?

Your sales reps can reply DIRECTLY to the logged email.

This one is for sales teams that are scaling. Early stage companies don't need to worry about this and can hit "send" without hesitation.

By integrating with HubSpot, you can leverage all the powerful tools built for salespeople, like sequences, meetings, workflows, documents, etc.

See how it works below. 


[00:00:00] I'm excited to share an update on this project. I've been working on where we're wanting to sync our outbound cold email activity with our CRM and in this case, HubSpot. Let me set the context for why this matters. As you get more traction as you have a bigger sales team, it matters more what cold activity you're doing.

[00:00:18] If you were starting a business from scratch, you can sort of email everyone in the world. Doesn't really matter. You don't have to like keep track of anything because most people aren't interested. Most people aren't going to reply. You don't have any existing customers. And so it's really easy to just hit "send".

[00:00:35] As you get traction, as you start to have a sales team, you want to delegate tasks and ownership of contacts and accounts and certain people. You want to start keeping track of pipeline and revenue attribution. That's where you really need these systems to work together. What I'm going to talk about in this video is how we are doing this with HubSpot. I talked about this recently and we just made a big upgrade to it. I want to explain how this upgrade works.

[00:00:58] What's happening here is we are sending cold email through Smartlead. When we get a positive or really any reply. If people aren't interested, that's noteworthy too, uh, we are creating, or updating, an existing contact and company record inside of HubSpot. And we're not just doing that. We're doing a few additional things.

[00:01:18] We are logging the email, we're now, this is what I'm really excited to show is that we are now syncing on the timeline as well. So we've got a HubSpot app that we're working on, called OutboundSync. It's in private sort of invite only if you're interested, let me know. If you're a partner and you have clients that might find this interesting, you know, let me know, but we're slowly getting more sophisticated with this. We are now syncing to the timeline in HubSpot, which is really exciting.

[00:01:41] And you can see all the activity. Uh, all the details of that activity here. Uh, and then we've got the con the, the task. Assigned to the contact assigned to the company and note assigned to an owner here as well. In this case, the task is assigned to me. And so this is all done. Uh, through the API, this is all done automatically. When a reply is received, nothing manual, no quarterback, you know? No um, sales ops rev ops person needing to sit through the middle and sort these.

[00:02:09] Really, really excited about this, really excited about where this is going next. Basically we're building a HubSpot app and it's going to be called OutboundSync. It's syncing Smartlead to HubSpot.

[00:02:19] By the way, this supports all of the existing sales features that are built into HubSpot for sales reps. So our real minimum recommendation is sales hub pro to take advantage of sequences meetings and a whole bunch of other workflows that save salespeople time.

[00:02:34] The idea here is that this is complimentary to HubSpot and I mean, I'm using myself, I'm kicking off a campaign, uh, right now using this new integration. So I will record some more videos as I get replies to that. And I'll show you how it works.

[00:02:46] Let me know what you think. Thanks.