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Cold email reply in HubSpot CRM

Cold email can be an X factor for growth. But it is not easy. Make handling replies easier by syncing your outbound to HubSpot.

Reps managing cold leads often need more resources and assets when handling these replies vs inbound leads.

In this video, I used a test email synced to HubSpot via OutboundSync to illustrate. OutboundSync lets you reply directly while retaining the original context. And now that you're in HubSpot, you can use:

  • Templates/Snippets
  • Sequences
  • Files/Documents
  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Playbooks

There's no context switching and your reps can take advantage of all the sales enablement tools you've build for them. Not to mention automation, workflows, and so much more in HubSpot.

My question to you: How are you making your sales team's lives easier so they can hit their numbers this quarter



[00:00:00] Responding to cold email

[00:00:00] I want to talk about something that does not get talked about a lot, growing your business with cold email is really difficult, okay? Just the whole process of email deliverability, sending the email, getting the reply and then handling the reply and the handling replies the part I want to touch on today.

[00:00:17] This is inspired by a buddy of mine, Pasha who was talking about setting yourself team up for success, basically, on LinkedIn.

[00:00:24] And I want to talk about why getting cold, outbound into HubSpot or whatever other tool you're using, the core principle here is that you can not take your replies for granted, and you have to recognize that outbound sourced leads need to be treated differently.

[00:00:38] The reps handling them, a lot of times are going to need more resources, more enablement assets, then, uh, an inbound lead would because in the case of an inbound lead, they've, visited your website downloaded your content, went to a webinar, whatever, they've raised their hand.

[00:00:53] There's a lot less effort required to convert those leads.

[00:00:56] What does it look like to convert an outbound lead and how can you set that team up for success?

[00:01:00] So I'm going to shrink myself down here, and this is an example. This is just a test email that we sent.

[00:01:05] Syncing outbound to HubSpot

[00:01:05] The way the OutboundSync works is that it's syncing this email into the timeline and you can reply directly.

[00:01:12] You can select the address that you're using to reply from. And then you're getting the context of why they emailed in the first place, right?

[00:01:18] The challenge here is going to be, what do you say? What do you do?

[00:01:23] Sales enablement in HubSpot

[00:01:23] You have templates that if they're in HubSpot, your marketing team and sales leadership can control that messaging. Or reps can develop best practices and then share them with each other.

[00:01:33] You can also drop someone into a sequence.

[00:01:35] Just because someone replied to your email. That does not mean that they're going to immediately reply back or hop on a meeting.

[00:01:40] Now they could. Having your meetings widget right here is nice.

[00:01:44] Cause you can drop those links in and you're not pulling up and a separate scheduling tool and copying and pasting different links.

[00:01:49] And a new feature in HubSpot is being able to book on behalf of someone else, which is really exciting.

[00:01:54] Uh, same thing with documents, you know, attaching deliverability in my case, one pagers, but decks other things that you can control and have marketing version control.

[00:02:04] All of these things are the things that your sales reps are going to need when they're handling these responses. And if you're paying for Sales Hub Pro or Sales Hub Enterprise, you're going to have access to this and more.

[00:02:15] You're going to have maybe not just emails back, but maybe once they reply, you want to give them a phone call or contact them on LinkedIn. You want to be giving your reps the ability to do all of these different things and not having to context switch is it's just a huge productivity unlock for them. It just makes their life easier.

[00:02:34] Sales enablement challenge

[00:02:34] And I guess my question or my challenge for you is, think about what are you doing to make your sales team's lives easier?

[00:02:40] How can you take all this work that you've already done and surface it in a way that they'll be able to handle leads that they're generating through other channels, whether that's email, phone, LinkedIn, and ideally getting it into your CRM?

[00:02:52] So that's, what's on my mind. Mind right now and curious what y'all think. Thanks.