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End of Alpha (Updating Coming to Intro CRM)

It’s only been a couple weeks and a lot has changed:

  • Product Updates: Too many to list here, more details below.
  • End of Alpha: Intro CRM is officially moving into private beta in January.
  • Special Offer: If you sign up for alpha testing in December, you will get one year of Intro CRM for free. Access will be paid for new users starting in 2021.

Get your free year of Intro CRM by requesting access!

Product Updates

Alpha testers now have access to a ton of new features. Intro CRM is built for self-employed and early stage founders. This means it focuses on deals. And we built a bunch of new things to help you manage your deal flow.

  • Re-designed deal overview: The deal overview page now has the ability to quickly filter and order by deal attributes—a significant improvement from before.
  • Single click importing: Deal importing is easier than ever. If you’re sick of managing a spreadsheet or ignoring a bulky CRM, switching is quick and easy!
  • Configurable deal stages: Before there were only five stages and they were locked. You can now configure deal stages to match your sales process.
  • Rich text editor: Before deal notes were a simple plaintext multiline input field, now with the rich text editor you can more easily structure your thoughts!
  • Next step: I’d experimented with customer development sliders. Simply put: It didn’t work. Replaced it with a clean and simple “next step” for every deal.
  • Mobile responsiveness: Intro CRM is a web browser app, however it works if you log in via web browser on your mobile device—now with new custom states.
  • UI and accessibility improvements: There are dozens of small changes I made to the typography, placeholder text, and element colors.

And just a reminder: This is all being built with no code! I am a non-technical founder. I’m using a no code stack—and the talents of a few select subject matter experts—to build the first version of this product.

Have a peek at the current interface below:

Image of a chipmunk (Intro CRM mascot) holding up a rock looking for acorns, indicating that no deals where found in the deal filter.
Screen shot of Intro CRM alpha, showing the deal overview page.

End of Alpha

It’s been a successful few months of development, testing, feedback, and iterative improvements. Intro CRM now has 22 registered users, tracking 191 deals, worth a total of $816,652. It’s time for this bird to fly though.

There is a final set of features I’m building over the course of December. The one I’m the most excited about is the ability to project out the proceeds of your deals. Just because you close a deal in one period, that doesn’t mean it all happens at once.

Let’s say you are a web developer and you close a $5,000 deal with $2,500 up front and $2,500 upon completion. You’ll be able to forecast that to get a sense of your forward-looking cash flow and if you need to do more prospecting for your business.

What if you’re a hardware company and you close a deal with a distributor who drop ships products. If you’re focused on units sold, toggle your measure of value to units. You anticipate they’ll sell two units per month through their store. You can forecast that out to get a quick sense of your inventory needs.

Maybe you’re a service provider like a doula and you only have so many hours of work you can do in a month. Toggle your measure of value to hours and use that to see how much capacity you have for new clients, like if a client might be interested in postpartum services spanning multiple months.

These features will be rolling out soon as this stage comes to an end. Stay tuned!

Special Offer for Alpha Testers

With the alpha ending in December, I’m offering a special one year of Intro CRM for free to anyone who uses the product while it’s still in alpha.

This is the last chance for free access switching over to the paid beta. All you have to do is reply to this email and I’ll send over an invitation for access.

Five new users have signed up since Monday—don’t miss out!

One More Thing

I appreciate you signing up for the newsletter! If you also enjoy podcasts, consider subscribing to Intro CRM’s podcast called Pipeline Meeting.

It’s a regular show talking through managing your sales pipeline. I also share updates on the product there, recommend tools, and more.