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Should I do it? Outbound Office Hours

Trying something wild: Outbound Office Hours. One guest. One campaign. One hour. Coming soon. Let me know if you think there's someone who should come on the show!



[00:00:00] I am working on a wild idea and I am really excited about it: it is called outbound office hours.

[00:00:06] It is going to be a show where we have one guest come on for one hour to build one campaign. And we're only going to have an hour to do the entire thing. So it's going to be the list, the copy, and everything required to send an outbound campaign.

[00:00:20] And we're going to try to use the most cutting edge tactics that we can.

[00:00:23] In each episode, we're going to do things like web scraping stitching across different data sources and using tools like GPT to build innovative campaigns. And hopefully these are campaigns that you can learn from and ideas that you can apply in your own campaigns.

[00:00:38] I have a couple of interviews already lined up. I am really, really excited about it. And if this sounds interesting, if you know someone who might be a good fit to be on the show, please reach out. I would love to hear from you and, you know, the whole goal is that we learned in public and that we share publicly what we're doing. If you're not comfortable with that, it's probably isn't the right venue.

[00:00:55] If you are, I just want to try it out, so we'll see if it's a good idea or not.

[00:01:01] If you think it's interesting, I'd love to hear what you think, what type of campaigns would you want to see?

[00:01:04] We'll try to work as publicly as possible and openly as possible. So if you want to see me make mistakes, it's probably a good, a probably a good way to see that happen to. All right.