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From email link click to Slack with a LinkedIn task (OutboundSync)

Discover how OutboundSync integrates with HubSpot workflows to transform a simple link click in a Smartlead cold email campaign into a dynamic, multi-channel engagement strategy.

Our latest feature creates Slack notifications complete with the contact's details and a pre-populated LinkedIn search, streamlining the transition from email to LinkedIn for seamless omni-channel outreach.

This innovative approach, showcased in our latest walkthrough, demonstrates the power of adaptive workflows, customizable notifications, and the potential for deeper engagement without needing upfront LinkedIn profiles.

See how it works in the video below.

Notifications with OutboundSync: From cold email link click to Slack with a LinkedIn task



Triggering workflows with an outbound link click

[00:00:00] Harris Kenny: All right, this is pretty cool, I just couldn't help it record a video showing how this works.

[00:00:05] Harris Kenny: What I've got right now is a HubSpot workflow set up. We are. Looking for an OutboundSync timeline event where a link has been clicked.

[00:00:19] Harris Kenny: We have a cold email campaign running and Smartlead. We're watching for link clicks in that campaign. When a link click happens, it's going to trigger an action.

Sending a Slack notification

[00:00:32] Harris Kenny: In this case, what we're doing is we're going to send a Slack notification to a user. This could also go to a Slack channel, or to an existing owner, if you have multiple reps, you could go to the, the owner. Who has this campaign attached to them. And it's going to send me a message.

[00:00:50] Harris Kenny: Hey, a link was clicked in when he rapped on campaigns. This is the contact's name. This is the company they worked for. And then I've got a little bit of a string here. It's a little hard to read, but, um, consider looking them up on LinkedIn. Here's a quick search and then we've got a link to the contact record in HubSpot. And let me show you what that looks like in Slack.

[00:01:09] Harris Kenny: In Slack, what this means is this is, this is me getting the notification as a user. This has the context about them, but then I also have a pre-populated search to find their LinkedIn profile.

[00:01:18] Harris Kenny: Now here's an example of what we're pre-populating for the sales rep, so they can just click that link and they can go find that person.

[00:01:25] Harris Kenny: And the cool thing about this is that it doesn't require having LinkedIn profiles upfront when you run your initial campaign. You're dynamically finding this LinkedIn search. And then you're finding that person that way rather than requiring when you build your initial list, having the LinkedIn profile and then attaching it and including it in HubSpot and things like that.

[00:01:41] Harris Kenny: What's neat about doing this for a link click, but you could do this for anything. You know, you could do this for a reply. You can do this for whatever.

[00:01:48] Harris Kenny: Cool thing about a link click is that, um, you know, there's like some sort of sign of interest there probably. And by going omni-channel you might be able to increase your odds of success, connecting with them, you know, maybe sending a LinkedIn connection request, and this is making it easier for people to go omni-channel with their outreach. But retain HubSpot as that sort of single source of truth. That orchestration platform for their outbound efforts, and then modify workflows and change the criteria.

Setting notification thresholds

[00:02:12] Harris Kenny: Maybe you want to raise or lower the effort that you're putting in based on maybe the campaign. And so perhaps you have a very specific campaign that you want to run this for. Where you, you. You know, if, if it's matches a certain campaign, this is really important because it's for trade show, event follow up or something like that. In that case, then we want to trigger this additional activity.

[00:02:34] Harris Kenny: Or if it's another type of campaign. And maybe like a higher funnel campaign where you're running. Um, promotion on like content or, you know, checking out a newsletter or a webinar or whatever, you may not want to have this level of effort from the sales reps.

[00:02:49] Harris Kenny: This is pretty cool. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm pretty excited how we're using markdown to format this in slack. So it looks nice too.

[00:02:54] Harris Kenny: And, um, you know, you don't have to use slack, you could do email notifications, you could create tasks, you could add these contacts to lists based on this activity.

Auto-enrolling in sequences with HubSpot

[00:03:02] Harris Kenny: If you have sales hub enterprise, you could auto enroll them in a sequence. So there's a lot of different things you could do here.

[00:03:07] Harris Kenny: More to come, but I think it's seeing these pieces come together and how we can stack different parts of how OutboundSync works into these sort of more complex workflows is pretty exciting. Alright, thanks.