Asana CRM Integration

Simple deal tracking with Asana.
Keep all your tasks together.

We love Asana because it’s a powerhouse tool you can use for just about anything. People use it to get done work faster.

Here’s how our Asana CRM integration works: When you create a deal in Intro CRM, it’s added as a task to your Asana project of choice to help you stay on top of your pipeline.

Together, Asana integrates with the systems you already use and love. Yep! There’s now a Asana CRM integration to make running your business efficient and seamless. See how.

1. Intro CRM, Asana, and How We Got Here

If you’re already an Asana user, you know how the automation, forms, workflow management, team bandwidth trackers, and portfolios make it easy to keep projects progressing with ease. If not, learn more about Asana here.

Their features are great! But we’re most excited about letting you in on a little secret.

Running your sales pipeline doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think! That’s why there’s an Asana CRM Integration with Intro CRM to make forecasting dry spells in your business, closing deals, and hitting your growth goals so much simpler.

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2. Will our Asana CRM Integration will change your life?

Well, we actually can’t promise this will change your life, but it changed ours, so we’re confident you’ll enjoy it! 

The thing about software is that each one you use requires upkeep. More often than not, all this upkeep means one or more of the programs you intend to use gets neglected. It’s hard enough to manage our inboxes, let alone keep a CRM and a task/team management software up to date. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! 

So that’s why we designed Intro CRM and, more importantly, why we gave it an Asana CRM integration! Intro CRM makes it easy to keep clean, clear notes about your pipeline, and with pretty graphs, we make forecasting your income a breeze, but we’re not built to house thousands of tasks and to-dos for each of your deals, which is where Asana comes in. 

Intro CRM works along-side your Asana to optimize your workflow and increase your efficiency! When you connect your accounts, your deals in Intro CRM become tasks in the Asana Project of your choosing. With the use of subtasks, milestones, and task assignments, you can easily keep your pipeline moving. 

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Intro CRM cash flow forecast chart.
Intro CRM’s cash flow forecast adds important context as you manage your tasks in Asana.

3. How To Level-Up Your Asana CRM? 

The easiest suggestion is for us to encourage you to create an active Intro CRM account, if you haven’t yet, and give our integration a try. However, we admit, some people are less excited about the idea of throwing old processes out the window and trying again, so here are a few ideas to get you thinking about the time a straightforward CRM could save you… 

Close Deals Faster

Take a moment and think about what it would mean for your business (or team) to close one extra client every month. 

Would you be able to finally extend that contractor you love a full-time position? What about giving your team a little more PTO or a more personalized birthday/holiday gift? If you’re a solo entrepreneur, does one more client a month mean an extended vacation, a paid intern, or maybe it means investing in your future!

Either way, a simple CRM can save you the stress, hassle, and confusion that comes with the redundant data and unclear documentation that occurs when we bounce between systems. 

See the Future

We had inconsistent and unpredictable business.

We would be overbooked one month and under-booked the next. Finances were always tight, and it made the entrepreneurship lifestyle a little more nerve-wracking! Well, that was until we started projecting our income and leveraging some easy to read graphs. No more data overwhelm, just the numbers you need to see to comfortably pay your bills! 

Easily On-Board Clients

We say no more! With our integration and Asana’s automation, you can automate your onboarding process to help jump start client engagements with streamlined procedures. 

Once you close a deal, you can use the automation feature within Asana to assign you tasks to kick off your client engagements on the right foot! 

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Intro CRM deal detail screen shot.
Our Asana CRM provides a space for sales-specific information not built into Asana itself.
Asana CRM integration screen shot.
The Intro CRM and Asana CRM integration allows you to take advantage of all the things that make Asana special.

4. But, what if I don’t like this Asana CRM Integration? 

We don’t believe in deleting or selling your data, so it will always be safe for you wherever you choose to store it. Anything you push from Intro CRM to Asana will remain in Asana once you disable the integration, and it will all still live in Intro CRM. Once you turn the integration back on, the platforms will continue syncing and working together like nothing ever happened! 

We simply bridge the gap to make life more predictable and help you run your business more smoothly. Want more details? Read our Asana integration guide or contact us.

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5. Sign up for Intro CRM today!

The integration is included with a paid Intro CRM account—see pricing—but you can try it for yourself first with a free trial today.

Ready to give it a try? We think you’ll love it.

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