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Recent Updates from the Blog

We’re back! (Episode 12)

Summary After a brief hiatus… We’re back! And Harris has a lot to share. We’re shipping a new software product and two new service offerings. Show Notes Harris has three big updates today as we get back into the swing of things this fall. He talks through: Intro CRM’s new software product called Lead Rater—built… Read More »We’re back! (Episode 12)

What’s next for Intro CRM?

We’re so excited for the upcoming months here at Intro CRM. We want to take some time to give you a recap of the past two years and catch you up to speed on what’s coming next. 

How psychographics can help your sales process

Psychographics is a big word that—in this case—means understanding how your customers think and feel about the problems you’re helping solve for them. What’s it like to be them? And how can you help?