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Recent Updates from the Blog

Product Led vs. Sales Led Growth (Episode 18)

Aazar Shad joins us to talk about his experience testing both product led and sales led growth philosophies at User Pilot, plus he shares his research on the go to market efforts for market leading sales software like Gong.

Trailer November 2021 (Episode 17)

Host Harris Kenny introduces the show, Pipeline Meeting, in this trailer recorded November 2021. To subscribe, search Pipeline Meeting wherever you get your podcasts.

Three Takeaways from Founder Summit 2021

Last month, I flew to Mexico City to attend Founder Summit by Calm Company Fund and SureSwift Capital. Here are three takeaways I’ve taken to heart since attending.

Introducing… Intro (Episode 16)

Harris shares two big updates: We’ve changed our name to reflect our new focus. Intro CRM is now simply Intro. And we are expanding the format of this show to include more guests.