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Get new leads with our fractional BDR service

We run cold outreach as a fractional BDR (business development rep). Our team will find new leads, contact them, and set meetings for your sales reps.

3D render of a person with light complexion skin, wearing a shirt, tie and pants, with a laptop, to visualize Intro CRM's fractional BDR service

Outbound services overview


The first thing we need to do is make sure you have the infrastructure for outreach.

With email for example, this would mean domains, DNS records, email accounts, and sending tools.

Next, we will develop your ICP, write copy, and build relevant custom lists for your business. 


It's time to start testing. Each campaign is a hypothesis and we'll try to learn as much as we can.

We have a dedicated campaign portal where you can monitor results and see what's working.

This is a "done with you" service where we're brainstorming together ways to do better.


Now that we're in motion, we want to apply lessons learned and get better every week.

We have a dedicated project portal where you can communicate with our team on an ongoing basis.

With outbound, our ultimate success metric is generating net new revenue for your business. 

Our other fractional sales services

3D render of a person with medium complexion skin, with a shirt, overalls, and headset, at their desk to visualize Intro CRM's fractional SDR service


We engage, qualify, and set appointments with the inbound leads you're generating.

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We level up your sales processes and software so the right data is available to the right people.

Get better leads today

Are you struggling to get ROI on your campaigns because of sales-marketing alignment issues?

Let us help you engage your prospects better—before your competitors do. 

Here are some meetings we've booked: