Photograph of Intro CRM founder Harris Kenny.
Hi there, my name is Harris.

I’ve spent over ten years helping grow companies. And I lost track of all the sales tools that don’t get used.

So I decided to build something different. A sales tool that does the work for you. We want to literally help you sell: inbound, outbound, and everything in between.

See how Intro CRM works.

Now, I’m building a team to help me do it. Learn about us below.

Building an Independent and Calm Company

Intro CRM was first funded by deals I closed running my own sales consulting business. This is known as being self-funded or bootstrapped. In other words, accountable to our customers.

We’re accountable to ourselves, too. We run a calm company. We automate busywork. We take time off. We have lives outside of work. And we don’t tolerate jerks—yep, that’s in our contract.

This means you have a happy and healthy team at the ready, doing everything we can to help grow your business.

Illustration of a small treehouse with a mat featuring chipmunk footprints.

With a Distributed, Remote-First Team

Intro CRM is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but we assembled a global team to build our business and help you grow yours. We use a team-based approach to offer you the best service.

So Call Us, Maybe

We might be for you, but we’re not for everyone. We won’t implement dark patterns to convert sales. We don’t do high volume spam calling. We can’t sell a product if it doesn’t solve a problem.

Intro CRM is built for entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business. We make a simple sales tool and pair it with a virtual sales team standing by and ready to help.

Want to take sales off your plate? Let’s chat.

One More Thing

From day one, Intro CRM pledges 1% of gross revenue in the fight against anthropogenic climate change. We are partnering with Stripe—our payment processor—to make it happen.

Contributions go directly to high impact projects that remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Learn how.

Image of the Stripe climate badge.
Stripe Climate