Photograph of Intro CRM founder Harris Kenny.
Hi, I’m Harris Kenny.

My sales career began during the Great Recession, helping small business owners keep their employees. Since then, I’ve closed tens of millions of dollars in deals for dozens of companies.

Along the way, big tech was built for big businesses. But what about the rest of us? What if you’re just getting started?

Start here. Spreadsheets are too basic. Complicated tools get ignored. I built this for myself, for my clients, and for you.

My business changed my life. Now I want to help you grow yours.

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Building an Independent Company

Intro CRM was first funded by deals I closed running my own sales consulting business. This is known as being self-funded or bootstrapped. In other words, funded by customers.

The business model is pretty simple: Charge a fair price for the product and make it better every day. If you grow, we grow. This company is not—and never will be—a “unicorn”…

Around here, we are inspired by independent companies like Basecamp. In fact, we use these tools to run our business. Intro CRM even integrates with Basecamp!

With an Independent Team

Intro CRM is based in Denver but I assembled a global remote team of experts to help build it. Everyone who has helped build it has run their own business before—they have been in your shoes.

For Your Business

You—yes, you. Intro CRM is built for people like you who are ready to do their own thing. It’s a simple tool to help you get started. Log call notes and next steps. Track and close deals. Know your cash flow.

The world needs more businesses. Let’s grow yours today.

For Our Planet

From day one, Intro CRM pledges 1% of gross revenue in the fight against anthropogenic climate change. We are partnering with Stripe—our payment processor—to make it happen.

Contributions go directly to high impact projects that remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Learn how.

Image of the Stripe climate badge.
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