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Photograph of Intro CRM founder Harris Kenny.
Founder | Harris Kenny

After over ten years helping founders, I know that as hard as scaling can be, the hardest part is finding help.

I got tired of seeing companies hire and fire salespeople, fall short with freelancers, hire agencies that overpromise, and sign up for sales and marketing tools that collect dust.

Instead, we are building a process to take care of sales tasks for you—and we work alongside your favorite software.

Building an Independent and Calm Company

Intro was first funded by deals I closed running my own sales consulting business. This is known as being self-funded or bootstrapped. In other words, accountable to our customers.

We’re accountable to ourselves, too. We run a calm company. We automate busywork. We take time off. We have lives outside of work. And we don’t tolerate jerks—yep, that’s in our contract.

This means you have a happy and healthy team at the ready, doing everything we can to help grow your business.

Illustration of a small treehouse with a mat featuring chipmunk footprints.

So Call Me, Maybe

We might be a fit for your business. If you sell a high ticket item like industrial equipment or enterprise software, that’s a good start. Some customers want our help to keep their focus on product and customer development.

But we’re not for everyone. If you have a free or low price product, a person-driven sales process may not make sense for your business. If you are looking to grow at all costs and implement things like dark patterns, we don’t do that.

If you’re not sure, schedule a call and let’s talk it through. We’ll let you know if we don’t think it’s going to work out. Because of our performance-based pricing, we are thorough about which projects we take on.