Hi, I’m Harris 👋🏼

Sales is the lifeblood of every business.

Any important task has purpose-built tools. Sadly, sales tools are built for sales teams. Or data harvesting 🕵️

Spoiler alert: You are not a sales team.

You don’t get prizes like knives or trips to the beach. When you hit sales goals, your prize is paying your bills. Lucky you 🍀

This is the tool I wish existed.

It’s time for a sales platform for entrepreneurs. Better than spreadsheets, simpler than team tools. Built for you ✨

Introduce yourself to Intro CRM.

Built for Starters
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Simple workflows
  • Sales-enabling

  • Spy tracking
  • Feature creep
  • Endless administration

Informed by over a decade of selling. From an independent, bootstrapped company. Accountable only to customers—people like you.

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