Trello CRM Integration

Simple deal tracking with Trello.
Keep all your tasks together.

Trello is popular because they make it so easy to visually track the status of your projects and tasks. But it has limitations when you try to use it as a CRM.

Here’s how our Trello CRM Integration works: When you create a deal in Intro CRM, it’s added as a card on the board of your choice in Trello. Then use checklists and notes in Trello to track things until you close the deal.

Using our Trello CRM Integration makes it easy to track deals, forecast your income, manage your to-do list, and grow your business by keeping your data clean and simple. Don’t believe us? See how

1. But, can’t Trello be a CRM? 

Trello is the perfect tool to help you make progress on the things that matter, but it doesn’t always mean you’re growing your bottom line. If you’re looking to level up your business and achieve your growth goals, you need something that will visually help you forecast your income. This way, you can see what’s ahead and understand where you need a boost to achieve your goals. 

That’s where Intro CRM comes in. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to open your laptop and know that you’re on track to meet your growth goals, or you’re a little behind by looking at one webpage? Wait, that’s a thing! You can do that with Intro CRM. 

How’s that for our visual learners? No more mental math, wishing, hoping, or praying that paying your bill this month will be easy peasy. Now, you run your business with confidence because you can see what’s ahead.

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2. Can’t I use the Trello CRM template? 

We could continue to preach about how great it is to have a visual graph to see your data, but we have more to offer, so here’s the deal. Trello isn’t set up to function as a successful long-term CRM. Their free plan is perfect for tracking onboarding, client projects, project management, and it can in the short term, track sales and marketing. However, it’s not a sustainable way to grow your pipeline because of what it can’t do. 

Now, we know what you’re saying…”but managing two platforms is hard! I’m a busy person, and I barely have time to keep up with my email.” Well, that’s the beauty of it. Intro CRM isn’t supposed to replace your Trello or duplicate your data in any way, shape, or form. 

Our mission is to empower you with easy and understandable data you can use to monitor your business’s financial health so that you can focus on the things that matter. 

Trello can be used as a CRM, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to give you the digestible data you’re looking for at the tips of your fingers. Think of it like this; you’re training for a marathon. You need to know the details of your past runs and be in tune with the way your body is feeling. However, you also have to track the high-level millage you’re putting in to ensure you have equipped your body for the challenge ahead. Trello is your detail tracker, and Intro CRM is your high-level mileage tracker. 

Our platforms work together to help you grow your business through repeatable, clean processes. 

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Intro CRM cash flow forecast chart.
Intro CRM’s cash flow forecast adds important context as you manage your tasks in Trello.

3. How a straightforward CRM can change your business.

Close Deals Faster

Instead of spending way too much time looking for notes on meetings, things you need to send over, and action times, you can spend that time following up like a boss and closing more deals at a record pace. 

Onboard Clients Easier 

With Trello’s full suite of integrations, you can quickly and efficiently add tasks relating to the integrations you need once you turn a prospect into a client. Maybe you have contracts that need signed or meetings that need to be scheduled or emails that need to be sent; Trello has your back! 

Vacation Even Longer

A clean and straightforward CRM helps you understand your upcoming expenses and income to pay your bills confidently and help you save for the things that matter! 

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Intro CRM deal detail screen shot.
Our Trello CRM provides a space for sales-specific information not built into Trello itself.

4. Is this Trello CRM Integration easy? 

Setting up our Trello CRM Integration is just a few clicks away. And using it is as simple as using Trello itself.

You select the board that you want to use to track your deals. It can either be a board dedicated to Intro CRM, or it could be a board dedicated to sales and marketing projects overall.

Once the board is selected, new deals are added as cards to that board. You can configure your stages and take advantage of the visual Kanban format that Trello is famous for, or the other layouts that they make available.

From there, you treat it like any other card. Add a checklist, assign responsibilities, due dates, attach files, you name it!

You’ll use your active Intro CRM account to link your active Trello account with a few simple clicks. We have a step-by-step guide of the process here.

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Screen shot of Trello with the Intro CRM integration, demonstrating that this Trello CRM integration allows the user to take full advantage of all of Trello's features.
The Intro CRM and Trello CRM integration allows you to take advantage of all the things that make Trello special.

5. What happens to my data if I don’t like my Trello CRM integration? 

Nothing! We promise not to delete your data ever; it’s yours, after all. Once you disable the integration, Intro CRM will stop pushing new data to Trello, but everything that was already there will still be there! 

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6. Sign up for Intro CRM today!

The integration is included with a paid Intro CRM account—see pricing—but you can try it for yourself first with a free trial today.

Ready to give it a try? We think you’ll love it.

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