We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.

Intro CRM is an independent and bootstrapped company. The company strives to support like-minded organizations, from project management and electronic signatures to email marketing and web analytics.

For every tool below, we have used several (or many) alternatives over the years. We choose to support these independent companies and participate in their affiliate programs—if you use the links below, it benefits Intro CRM too.

Support Independent Business

Simple, privacy-focused website analytics tool.
Fathom Analytics

Fathom tells you where new visitors are coming from on your site to inform your marketing—without tracking! Get powerful insights with a simple dashboard. And get extra features bundled in, like uptime monitoring.

Convenient, smart social media scheduling tool.

MeetEdgar helps you grow your business through social media. How? By saving time helping you schedule posts, creating a library of re-usable content, and making smart suggestions about new content. Think of Edgar as your new social media intern.

Easy video meeting software.

Whereby is an easy video meeting software that helps you work anywhere with anyone. They offer unlimited and encrypted meetings by default, with screen sharing and chat, through a browser or through their apps. They don’t have a referral program, but we’re happy to feature them here.

Calm project management software.

Basecamp is an intuitive project management software. They also provide the HEY email service and wrote several good books. Their software is central to our business and their philosophy inspires us. They discontinued their referral program but we’re happy to feature them here.

Hassle-free electronic document signatures.

Docsketch is the easy way to get an electronic signature on NDAs, contracts, and more. This means closing deals faster and growing your business, wherever your clients are, without the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing important documents.

Publishing platform for audio podcasts.

Transistor is an elegant hosting and analytics platform that helps you publish and promote your podcast on every major platform. Transistor makes it easy to host a dedicated website for your podcast and provides a beautiful embeddable player if you promote or post elsewhere.

Simple email marketing platform.

EmailOctopus helps you communicate with your customers and prospects. They built easily accessible user-respecting features that help you maintain a consent-based mailing list—this helps your emails get to their intended recipient. And it’s a nice way to run your business!

Made you look!

The oppressive banality of corporate culture hasn’t changed—they just got better at public relations. (Initech is an Office Space reference, by the way.) The world needs more small and independent businesses. Started by people like you.

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