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Sync Outbound to HubSpot CRM

Get every lead in HubSpot

If you're using a dedicated sales engagement platform (SEP) like Smartlead then your process probably looks like this:

  1. Manually create and update block lists.
  2. Send outbound in a siloed platform.
  3. Cobble together replies and reporting.

But there's so much room for your leads, data, and reporting to get lost. Instead, handle everything inside of HubSpot.



  • Setup Infrastructure

    Best-in-class outbound requires sending infrastructure. Think dedicated domains, email addresses, warmup, data, and more. We can help you set this up if you have any questions.

  • Integrate Accounts

    Now let's integrate your sales engagement platform with HubSpot. We'll make a webhook you can use in your sales engagement platform. Then set who you want to own your leads in HubSpot.

  • Start Sending

    Now it's time to go-live. We'll work with your team as they launch their first campaigns and get familiar with the infrastructure. You can get ongoing help from our team, or you can take it from here.

Stop landing in spam

Are you worried if your current approach is leading to your emails landing in spam?

You're not alone. There's a lot to keep track of. And it's getting harder every day. 

Download our deliverability one-pager for more info.

OutboundSync Product Demo

OutboundSync, Smartlead, and Zapier/Make Comparison

If you want to integrate Smartlead with HubSpot, you're in the right place. OutboundSync is a custom integration and HubSpot app built by Intro CRM.

But you may be asking, can I use Smartlead's native HubSpot integration? Or could I build something myself with lowcode tools like or Zapier?

The table below explains the pros and cons between these approaches and why we're building OutboundSync. It came about from customer requests. We built it. Started using it. And loved it so much, we never looked back.

Feature OutboundSync Smartlead Integration Zapier/Make
Full Email Logs ✅ Full emails are logged, preserving communication. ✅ Full emails are logged, preserving communication. ⚠️ Requires off-platform code, risks data loss and inconsistency.
Easy Installation ✅ Single-click install through the HubSpot app directory. ✅ Supported installation, but limited scope and features. ⚠️ Multiple authorizations plus a custom HubSpot app.
Timeline Events ✅ Direct integration with HubSpot CRM. ⚠️ Logged as notes, severely limiting functionality in HubSpot. ⚠️ Requires creating a custom HubSpot application.
Object Association ✅ Automated association, saving time & organizing your records. ❌ Not available, manual effort needed or custom automation. ✅ Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Blocklist Support ✅ Prevent email to select contacts and companies. ❌ Not available, requiring manual support or custom automation. ✅ Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Workflows & Automation ✅ Pre-built, customizable best practices included out of the box. ❌ Significantly more difficult for manual setup. ⚠️ Only possible with a custom app and custom-built workflows.
Cost at Scale ✅ Effective, especially at high volume (vs. Zapier/Make). ✅ Effective. No documented constraints at this time. ❌ Higher costs as volume goes up, plus platform constraints.
Auto Deal Creation ⚠️ Possible with HubSpot workflows.  ✅ Supported upon installation. User configurable. ✅ Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.
Auto Task Creation  ✅ Supported upon installation. User configurable. ❌ Not available, requiring manual support or custom automation. ✅ Possible, requires manual setup and custom automation.

If you see anything inaccurate or misleading in this table, please email us right away ( and we will investigate. Our goal is to inform. We want this to be a useful reference as you compare your options. 

How OutboundSync Works

OutboundSync allows your outbound activity to happen as close to natively as possible within your HubSpot portal. It also comes with premium support to ensure everything is configured exactly how you want it.

OutboundSync Flowchart

Read our documentation.


Every step to get started.


Build and filter contacts.


Get notifications (like Slack).


Track campaign performance.

Coming to the HubSpot App Marketplace Soon

OutboundSync is a native app being built for HubSpot CRM. Running OutboundSync will require HubSpot Sales Hub Pro or Enterprise.

Access is currently invite-only. It's in active testing in the field right now—handling replies to cold email campaigns as we speak. 

OutboundSync is coming to the HubSpot App Marketplace soon. Request by signing up below. 


Get better leads today

Are you struggling to get ROI on your campaigns because of sales-marketing alignment issues?

Let us help you engage your prospects better—before your competitors do. 

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