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Manage New Leads with Lead Reply

Our virtual sales assistants help you respond to leads, qualify them, follow up, and book meetings.

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How Lead Reply Works

To start, we need to create the account that will be receiving these inbound inquiries. If you already have one, perfect! Then, together we will connect it to our team, to ensure that leads (e.g. form submissions, social media messages, emails) land in your inbox. We’ll also make a calendar to schedule your meetings.

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2. Define Follow-Up Process

Determine who is a fit to connect with your team, what to say, how many follow-ups to send, and where to send them. (Typically scheduling a meeting.) With your input, our copywriters draft replies that will drive action with your new leads. Plus, cover cases like vendor paperwork, partnership, and press requests.

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3. Begin Sending Replies

We are receiving the inquiries, we know what to say, and now it’s time to take this off your plate. And of course, we will be keeping you in the loop every step of the way (by including you on emails, syncing to your CRM, or providing updates). We can raise or lower your qualification criteria, if you are taking too many or not enough meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Lead Reply?

Lead Reply is an offering by Intro CRM that helps you manage your new leads. It is a tech-enabled service that exists as an alternative to hiring your own salesperson. We can work alongside your sales team, too. Our performance-based pricing means you pay for what you need. Our global team enables quality and timely responses—no matter what time it is.

How much does it cost?

Booked meeting packages start as low as $1,000 (USD). They are not billed monthly, instead charged after each meeting is attended. Setup and administrative support fees are not included in this price. Contact us to request custom pricing.

Do you work with any B2B company?

Pretty much! The important thing is that your prospects agree it’s worth their time to talk before making a purchase. This means you are selling an expensive, complex product to other businesses. (Educational and governmental institutions work too, probably.) If your prospects are looking to self-guide through the process, or take a free trial for a spin and decide on their own, then a hands-on sales process may not work for your business.

How soon can you start sending replies?

We have successfully on-boarded customers in under a week. So, pretty soon! Especially compared to going through the process of hiring someone to do this for you. Setup time does depend in-part on your team helping get our accounts connected.

Where can my leads come from?

As long as they are inbound leads, they can come from anywhere. This could be a contact form on your website, a landing page from an advertising campaign, a referral, or anywhere else.

Do you support more than email leads?

Yes, Lead Reply can handle messages across multiple channels including email, web forms, Facebook messages, Twitter messages, and more. At this time, we recommend tools where this is not an expectation of an immediate reply (i.e. live chat). If that is something you are interested in, please let us know.

Could I do this myself?

Yes, you could do this yourself. You could also hire a full-time person or a freelancer to help with this. Every one of our customers so far has tried and failed with other methods before turning to us. If you want help from an experienced team, who can help you get moving quickly… Then we might be a good fit for you!

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Listen to the podcast episode where Founder Harris Kenny introduces Lead Reply.

Learn who it’s for, why we built it, and how it works—in under 10 minutes.

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