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Deliverability Audit

Do your emails land in spam?

Get a free email deliverability audit to ensure your marketing and sales efforts aren't going to waste. 

What is Email Deliverability


Email deliverability is your ability to send a message that arrives in your recipients' inbox. 

Deliverability can either help—or hurt—every single sales and marketing email you send.

As a sales enablement agency, we've helped send tens of thousands of emails and configured dozens of tools along the way.

What We Evaluate

There are three major factors that affect your email deliverability.

DNS Records

How you authenticate your emails. This includes protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. 

Tech Stack

The tools you use, including: web and email hosting, data, composition, and sending.


What you're saying, such as: subject line, email body, images and attachments.


"It’s hard to get email marketing set up right.

I just shared my domain name and Intro gave some tips. Worth doing!
Marie Ng
Founder of Llama Life
"I learned something new, even though I thought I was already an expert on this."

Reilly Chase
Founder of HostiFi

"It seems like 98% of sites have improper DNS records.

Intro set us up with best practices and improved our email deliverability."
Brett Farmiloe
Founder of Terkel