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Get New Leads with Cold Outreach

Our virtual sales assistants help you find leads, create messaging, and reach out.

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How Cold Outreach Works

1. Make an Ideal Customer Profile

This is the first step of our work together. We ask you to go through and think about a bunch of things like company size, industry, job title, technologies used. We’ll use that later when we work on messaging. First, we need to know who you want to sell to. In parallel, we’ll setup the infrastructure to reach out.

Ideal Customer Profile form

2. Rate Your Leads

We take your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and we run with it. We apply the criteria creatively across multiple data sources to build your first batch of leads. Next, we ask you to review each lead and contact and provide a rating. Ratings can be individual to leads and contacts, or combine them if there’s a trend.

Lead Rater app by Intro CRM

3. Begin Outreach

You told us you you’re looking for. We found them! You gave us feedback. At this point, we’re consistently finding the right people and the right contact information. Next we decide what to say and how to say it. Together, we will: write the messaging, test different channels, and watch performance. And double down on what works.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cold Outreach?

Cold outreach is an offering by Intro that helps you get new leads and craft messaging to reach them. It is a tech-enabled service that exists as an alternative to hiring your own salesperson. We can work alongside your sales team, too. Our deliverable-based pricing means you pay for what you get. We use our own app to deliver the leads to you, and the highest quality data sources to ensure we get conduct comprehensive searches and retrieve accurate contact information.

How much does it cost?

Packages very between a fixed fee program where we run your outreach engine, to a per meeting model where we handle replies and are responsible for getting meetings on your calendar. Contact us to request custom pricing.

Do you work with any B2B company?

Pretty much! The important thing is that your prospects agree it’s worth their time to talk before making a purchase. This means you are selling an expensive, complex product to other businesses. (Educational and governmental institutions work too, probably.) If your prospects are looking to self-guide through the process, or take a free trial for a spin and decide on their own, then a hands-on sales process may not work for your business.

How soon can I get my first leads?

After you submit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) intake, it currently takes one week for us to deliver your first batch of leads through our Lead Rater app. Our lists are built by people using the highest quality data sources available. We are always trying to find ways to improve delivery time but won’t sacrifice quality to get there.

How many leads and contacts are in each batch?

Depending your project scope, each batch could have dozens or hundreds of contacts.

Where do you find my prospects?

We tap several sources, depending on the market you’re pursuing. Some tools are useful in some cases but not others. For example, some tools will scrape a website’s source code to see what it’s running. This type of data is great for development frameworks, traffic analytics, and meeting scheduling software. Not so much for internal software that users run in their browser or on their desktop. In short: It depends.

Do you support more than email outreach?

Yes, absolutely! Our focus is on finding the right people. Once we find them, there are so many ways to get in touch. We have customers experimenting with many methods of customer acquisition, including but not limited to: look-alike audience match advertising, paid search advertising, cold calls, influencer marketing, public relations, direct mail, and more.

Will you help me send 1,000+ emails per week?

No, we don’t do high volume outreach. As you scale up contact methods like email, there are a significant number of things to consider to ensure your emails get sent—without damaging your domain reputation. We aim to send email at scale while also recognizing that if your offer isn’t converting, we’re not going to scale that up. We want to fix it or test another channel.

Could I do this myself?

Yes, you could do this yourself. You could also hire a full-time person or a freelancer to help with this. Every one of our customers so far has tried and failed with other methods before turning to us. If you want help from an experienced team, with the best available business databases, who can help you get moving quickly… Then we might be a good fit for you!

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Listen to Intro Founder Harris Kenny introduce our Lead Rater app, which we use to build and share new leads with our customers.

Learn who it’s for, why we built it, and how it works—in under 12 minutes.

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