Basecamp CRM Integration

Simple deal tracking with Basecamp.
Keep all your tasks together.

We love Basecamp, from their calm business culture to their beautiful software. But Basecamp is not made for managing sales and new business!

How our Basecamp CRM integration works: When you add a deal in Intro CRM, it gets pushed as a To-do List in Basecamp alongside the rest of your work.

Track deal values, next steps, and forecast cash flow in Intro CRM. Meanwhile, our integration keeps all your tasks together in Basecamp. See how.

1. Intro CRM, Basecamp, and How We Got Here

Before we dig into the juicy stuff, we want to take you on a brief walk down memory lane…

Basecamp came to be when the web design firm, 37signals, needed a better platform to manage their own clients. They built it part-time while serving clients. Not long after implementing their project management platform, they realized they were on to something. They wrapped the product up, started selling their software, and never looked back.

Intro CRM is the brainchild of its founder, Harris Kenny. He spent over a decade helping companies grow. Harris started his own sales consulting business in 2019. He realized other sales tools are built for big companies. Busy interfaces. Hundreds of features. Too much bloat. Meanwhile, spreadsheets seem easier but are actually a lot of work. 

Harris couldn’t find anything built for his business or for his clients who struggled to manage their sales. He built Intro CRM for himself, slowly rolling it out to his clients, and now it’s a standalone product helping freelancers and entrepreneurs have peace of mind when it comes to their sales.

What can we say? We’re two peas in a pod, ready to help you make your life easier!

Book Cover Art. Getting Real: The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application by 37signals (now Basecamp).
Getting Real by 37signals (now Basecamp). Read online or download the PDF.

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2. Is Basecamp CRM software?

The first question is: Do you even need a separate tool? Or can you use Basecamp as CRM software? It depends! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. But CRM software is especially helpful for managing relationships before people even become your customers in the first place.

Basecamp is a premier project management and internal communication tool. It’s not a CRM per se, but it is good for managing that business once you’ve closed it. And if you spend a lot of time in Basecamp, it can be helpful to have your sales-related work alongside the rest of your tasks. That’s where our Basecamp CRM integration comes in.

We built dedicated workflows for tracking your deals and cash flow in Intro CRM. You can take your deal value and forecast it over future months to know what you’re getting paid. You can also have a quick reference of client contact information and next steps. Intro CRM helps you plan for the future, while Basecamp keeps you operating calmly in the present.

Screen shot of the Intro CRM cash flow forecast module, showing revenue by month, for deals that are also being tracked in Basecamp.
Intro CRM’s cash flow forecast adds important context as you manage your tasks in Basecamp.

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3. So, what makes our Basecamp CRM integration special?

We integrate with Basecamp seamlessly. Basecamp can still exist as your primary task management software, and Intro CRM works to help you manage your deals and opportunities. It’s a dedicated space for important sales-specific information.

Within our Basecamp CRM, you can track sale stages, deal values, sales-specific notes, and see how much money you’re making with cash flow forecasting. You’ll be able to anticipate and prepare for gaps in your business and (with your amazing skills) level up your overall growth month-over-month. 

Our integration makes taking deals from prospect to project easier than ever. After you add a deal in Intro CRM, it gets pushed to Basecamp as a To-do List where you can keep track of tasks and documents. After you close the deal, keep all your tasks, documents, and notes in one place—right in Basecamp. The idea is to remove boundaries between sales and delivery. 

Screen shot of Intro CRM's deal edit view, which shows how this Basecamp CRM manages sales-specific information in way that's complementary to Basecamp's project management focus.
Our Basecamp CRM provides a space for sales-specific information not built into Basecamp itself.

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4. How does the Intro CRM and Basecamp integration work?

When you add deals in Intro CRM, get pushed into Basecamp in one of two ways. Deals can be added to an existing project, like one with all your sales and marketing work. Or deals can be added to a standalone project dedicated to your deals. 

No matter how you and your team use Basecamp, it’s easy to keep it all together. 

Enjoy the simplicity of Basecamp, however you work—Group Chat, Message Board and, Pings, desktop and mobile apps, and more.

Pro Tip: Use Automatic Check-Ins to remind you to keep an eye on your sales deals. Pick a day early enough in the week so they’ll have enough time to reply to you before the week is over.

Screen shot of Basecamp with the Intro CRM integration, demonstrating that this Basecamp CRM integration allows the user to take full advantage of all of Basecamp's features.
The Intro CRM and Basecamp CRM integration allows you to take advantage of all the things that make Basecamp special.

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5. Is this Basecamp CRM integration easy?

After you log into your Intro CRM account, all you have to do is click a button and then authorize access to your Basecamp account—that’s it. Now you can use our Basecamp CRM Integration to track your sales tasks and documents. Together, you’ll own your workflow, master your go to market process, and take control of your sales.

The best part is that once you’re fully integrated, changing your mind is easy too! If you ever need to shut off the integration, it’s a simple toggle, and the systems are disconnected. However, your information is all in the same place, waiting for you to pick up exactly where you left off. We don’t delete your data from Basecamp or Intro CRM.

We simply bridge the gap to make life more predictable and help you run your business more smoothly. Want more details? Read our Basecamp integration guide or contact us.

Hear about the Basecamp CRM integration in this episode of Intro CRM’s podcast. Or read the transcript.

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6. Sign up for Intro CRM today!

The integration is included with a paid Intro CRM account—see pricing—but you can try it for yourself first with a free trial today.

Ready to give it a try? We think you’ll love it.

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