Finally, a simple CRM.

Easier than spreadsheets, faster than enterprise software. Try a sales tool you might actually use.

Track deals, pay the bills, and grow your business. Made by an independent and self-funded company.

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Illustration of a laptop with acorns around it and showing a visualization of Intro CRM.


Add deals in one click—literally.


Keep deals from getting cold.


Log what you need, know what’s next.


See the future. Know how much money you’re making in upcoming months. Comfortably pay your bills and yourself.


Get connected. Use a simple tool that works with your workflow. Push deals to platforms like Basecamp, Trello, and Asana.


Be a priority. Intro CRM is self-funded and building software for our customers. We’re here for you and your business.

For Freelancers and Small Business Owners

“I am just getting started with establishing my own business. Intro CRM has been pivotal in moving my business in the right direction, helping me secure partnerships with big brands.”

“Intro CRM ensures that I don’t get distracted (or too in the weeds). I’ve already recommended it to a few people who are starting their own businesses and looking for a simple solution.”

“I’m constantly working to develop business for me and the folks on my team while also juggling actual client work. IntroCRM introduces a lightweight process that’s easy-to-use.”

Choose Your Plan


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Track your deals on your own in Intro CRM.


  • Track your deals
  • Forecast future business
  • Get help with setup and migration
  • Integrate with Basecamp, Trello, or Asana
  • Configure your currency and more

Sales Coach

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Get help with sales coaching by Intro CRM.


  • Everything in Self-Guided, plus:
  • Help with your proposals and pricing
  • Advice on customer development
  • Accountability for your deal followup
  • Complementary Fathom Analytics

Learn more.

Take Control of Your Sales with Intro CRM

Spreadsheets are too much effort. Typical CRMs are bloated and busy.

Intro CRM helps you sell today, so you can scale (or rest) tomorrow.

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